Did you know? Over 50% of people with mental health issues in the US didn’t get treatment last year. All Along believes that if everyone is more familiar with mental health, therapy, and how to access treatment, that means healthier and happier people, families, and communities.

Rachel Kazez, LCSW
All Along, LLC

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Please note: All Along, LLC provides therapy-related expertise in a non-clinical context. Your confidentiality will be respected and All Along will never give away or sell your information. Please be aware that email and voicemail are limited in their confidentiality, and that All Along is an education-focused service rather than a HIPAA-bound healthcare agency. Services provided are designed for awareness, education, and convenience; they are not intended to diagnose or treat any issue, not designed for urgent or crisis situations, and not designed as comprehensive recommendations. Any action or payment is fully the choice of the participant, and All Along is not liable for any decisions made by other mental health professionals. If you're not completely satisfied with the services provided, please request a refund.