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It is a great relief to know that these resources are actually available.
— mother of a Chicago resident

All Along's individualized consultation on mental health and therapy can help you:

  • Find therapy.

  • Understand a mental health diagnosis.

  • Navigate the mental health system and insurance.

  • Figure out if your therapy is working for you.

Where & When
All Along provides services by phone and email to people living anywhere, at convenient times that fit in your schedule.

Phone and research services are billed at $80/hour, paid through PayPal or check. Most people start with a 30-60-minute phone consultation and then decide if they'd like to add a treatment search. All Along provides an estimate for research services advance.
Accessibility: A few lower-cost consultations are available each month.

All Along welcomes feedback via email or the online Review page. You never have to pay for services you're not satisfied with.

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Angela Wysocki was trying to find a therapist for herself while dealing with a divorce and cross-country move.
"Working with Rachel made the incredibly scary process of finding a therapist feel really easy. Initially, I didn't even know how to start looking for help and felt like I didn't have the energy for it. Rachel guided me through the process and came back with a really solid list of options, all of whom accepted my insurance. I ended up with a therapist that has been so helpful for me as I've been going through my divorce and all the changes that have occurred alongside. I'd recommend this service to anyone seeking a new therapist!"
- Angela Wysocki, Chicago resident, used phone consultation and comprehensive treatment search

Chicagoan knew his mother needed a therapist and psychiatrist who spoke her language.
"Thank you for this very thoughtful and thorough data. Your work is impressive and beyond professional."
- Chicago resident, used phone consultation and comprehensive treatment search

An Ohio resident wanted to help her daughter find mental health care in another state.
"You have covered so many bases--resources I could never know about. I am impressed with the way you have presented the information so clearly and succinctly to [her] and that you have included related suggestions. For me, having this information will help me to be supportive of [her] in her efforts to find what will work for her. It is a great relief to know that these resources are actually available to her."
- Ohio resident, used phone consultation for mother and daughter and comprehensive treatment search   -  Contact

Please note: All Along, LLC provides therapy-related expertise in a non-clinical context. Your confidentiality will be respected and All Along will never give away or sell your information. Please be aware that email and voicemail are limited in their confidentiality, and that All Along is an education-focused service rather than a HIPAA-bound healthcare agency. Services provided are designed for awareness, education, and convenience; they are not intended to diagnose or treat any issue, not designed for urgent or crisis situations, and not designed as comprehensive recommendations. Any action or payment is fully the choice of the participant, and All Along is not liable for any decisions made by other mental health professionals. If you're not completely satisfied with the services provided, please request a refund.