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First Service of its Kind Launches in Chicago

Chicago, IL -- All Along is the newest way to understand mental health and find mental health care, and is the first service of its kind in Chicago. Through conversations by phone and email, All Along conveniently guides people to the mental health care they need.

Rachel Kazez, LCSW, a licensed therapist in Chicago, developed All Along after noticing that she was often helping friends, family, and potential clients find treatment when they were struggling with mental health and didn’t know where to turn.

“People have a lot of questions about mental health and mental health care, and at the time that someone needs therapy the most, they often lack the expertise or energy to actually find treatment,” Rachel said. “I realized how valuable these conversations were and that this was a niche where I could help out.”

As it turns out, this “niche” is a national issue: According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), 59% of adults and 49% of youth with mental health concerns don’t get treatment on time or at all. That’s where All Along comes in.

Interested people can contact All Along via to ask questions or set up their consultation call. Since the services are consultation, not therapy, there are no complicated forms or insurance. All Along is based in Chicago and provides services to people across the United States.

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Rachel Kazez, LCSW

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